My background is running technology and finance businesses in Chicago & Silicon Valley and technology/biotech investing. I’ve said a number of times on Twitter that I am not a physician. Additionally, I have said hundreds of times that Trump should receive a neurological exam, workup and evaluation at a top facility like the Mayo Clinic or Johns Hopkins. In the absence of him receiving a proper medical diagnosis, raising public awareness is necessary to expose the obvious coverup of his health condition.

As for my background with Dementia and Degenerative Neurological Diseases:

-My mother and sister died from Huntington's Disease. 

-My father died from Frontotemporal Dementia- PSP.

I've been:

-A court appointed Legal Guardian.

-The genetic risk informer to multiple members of family trees.

-Biotech investor in multiple arenas.

-Researcher in the dementia field for most of my life.

-Personally "at risk" to acquire Huntington's for decades- a 50% chance of inheriting it, until a genetic test cleared me.

Symptom hunting has been a constant in my life. From my teens until the early 2000’s, I looked for early signs of Huntington's Disease in myself and people close to me. Some, like me, got lucky, others did not. It wasn’t a casual endeavor. It was every day, multiple times per day. Balance, memory, IQ testing, watching film, watching relatives, looking at affected people- you name it. There was no test available and I wanted to know the answer. As a result, I have a trained eye for the “microscopic tells” to spot dementia & degenerative neurological disease symptoms early- before people are pushed to go to the neurologist. It's not a trip people want to make. I spotted it in my sister 3 years before her diagnosis. In my father, 4 years before his diagnosis. 

Being at a 50% risk to die of Huntington's Disease was an extreme motivator to become highly knowledgeable on the subject of Dementia & Degenerative Neurological Diseases:

Separate from the Huntington's on my mother's side of the family, my dad developed & died from Frontotemporal Dementia- PSP. It's the same illness that Trump has. I know FTD well. Years of watching & living HD prepared me for seeing FTD. When Trump announced his run I had already been watching FTD for 6 years and warned people.

I've been in the formal legal role of Legal Guardian granted by the court, after the competency hearing. Coordinating doctors, nursing care, drug choice calls, donating my mother's brain to Mass General and the genetics disclosures. I researched and dug up genetic information for Dr. Michael Conneally,  a top geneticist, for his HD roster project. I’ve made the call when the psychiatrists, neurologist and nursing home disagreed on drug choices which might ease my mother’s descent in to Huntington’s disease. Generally, when a disease is hopeless, long term and w/ no cure, the guardian has more say in what happens than in typical medical events.

Significant research as a biotech investor has been another source of information for me. Many companies are trying to develop cures for multiple types of dementia. Most attempts by these companies are unsuccessful. While some drugs ease symptoms, none slow the deterioration.

Spotting Dementia signs in Trump in 2015 when he announced his run, was easy for me because the sounds and patterns of people with dementia are so deeply ingrained in my senses. I knew Trump had FTD, and thought it was Picks or PSP, watching the food gorging stories and knowing he would start losing his balance and showing gait changes. PSP is my opinion- he needs a neurological exam where a remarkable level of work and evaluation is done for a final diagnosis. Sequential imaging (PET/MRI) over time helps nail it down. There are multiple types of FTD and many abnormalities of Tau proteins that are still being discovered.

As for Twitter, I don't mention my background that often because people say the “sorry for your loss” stuff. Since my experience with 3 immediate family members and many extended family members having dementia is so unusual, and I know the science well, I thought I could do something useful to help make people aware of the guaranteed mental collapse of Trump and the horror show on the way. It's a mission that started with warning people in 2015 via email. I bought the domain name "" after Trump won. Realizing it would be tough to get traction on a website, the dormant Twitter account I had since 2008 seemed like a better option with more reach. I had never tweeted- I only used Twitter like a news feed and had 10 followers. My first tweets about Trump's dementia started in Feb 2017. I've also informed people in some high places.

People couldn’t see the dementia patterns I was pointing out in 2015-2016. Now almost everyone can see that something is terribly wrong. I make a point not to sell the Trump dementia situation or push it after an initial tweet. People will see Trump’s dementia, when they see it for themselves, at their own pace. Public awareness has probably gone from 1% to 50%. The progressive nature of his dementia ensures there will eventually be full public awareness. The end result is not in doubt. 

The goal is to end the charade and coverup, get Trump out of office and into professional neurological care. The goal of discussing it on Twitter is really to move the conversation off Twitter and into the hands of people who are allowed to examine him. It would quickly result in his removal. As for those who say you can't diagnose someone online, they are right. It's also true that you don't need to be a Zoologist to identify a Giraffe. Since we are effectively in the Stone Age w/ Trump not getting a real medical diagnosis, observing him, pointing out the obvious dementia signs and raising the alarm is key so the public knows why the lunacy of him being in the White House must end.

Thanks for reading my Twitter posts and Patreon content.


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